NPR: Not Our Normal Audience

I recently had two great opportunities to talk about HOPE’s work on NPR member stations, WHYY Radio, based in Philadelphia, and witf, based in Harrisburg.

NPR is not my regular venue, and I was thrilled with the opportunity to talk about HOPE in this setting. I am used to speaking at churches, Christian business conferences, and mission seminars–where people want to hear about our work to combat spiritual poverty just as much as our work to address physical poverty.

At HOPE, our core commitment is addressing physical and spiritual poverty. When we share HOPE’s story, it’s never enough just to talk about job creation and economic development – a part of our core message has to talk about the hope that is found through Jesus Christ.

Even in a secular setting, we always want to succinctly and clearly convey the Gospel and why this is an essential part of our mission. It would be easy to selectively leave out this aspect of our identity, but to do so would not only falsely represent HOPE, but also miss an opportunity to talk about the most amazing story the world has ever heard.




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