Peter Greer

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HOPE International

Peter’s Biography

Peter Greer joined HOPE in July 2004, following extensive education & experience in the field of microfinance.

Peter received a B.S. in International Business from Messiah College, an M.P.P. with a concentration in Political and Economic Development from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and an honorary doctorate from Erskine College. Prior to his education at Harvard, Peter served as Managing Director for URWEGO Community Banking in Kigali, Rwanda, for three years. He also served as a technical advisor for Self-Help Development Foundation (CARE Zimbabwe) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and worked as a microfinance advisor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Peter speaks and writes on the topic of faith and international development and is the coauthor of The Poor Will Be Glad, The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good, and Mission Drift.

Living in Lancaster, PA, Peter and Laurel have three children.

Anna Haggard, executive writing assistant at HOPE International, is an invaluable editor & contributor to this blog.