Orphanages are not the answer

In “The tragedy of orphanages,” a TED talk by Georgette Mulheir, Mulheir shares how the institutionalization of orphan care results in tragic results. Kids who grow up in orphanages are likely to experience significant social, physical, and cognitive harm. Orphanages are also correlated with poverty, crime, and sex trafficking: Moldova – study: Young women from orphanages

When Building Orphanages Isn’t Enough

Reposted from When Building Orphanages Isn’t Enough. In the below Q&A, HOPE’s president, Peter Greer, speaks about international adoption, his new book, and the intersection of microenterprise development and orphan care. You recently spoke at the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ annual Summit at Saddleback Church. As president of HOPE, how does your work tie to