Watching Seeds Grow

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About Watching Seeds Grow

On a trip to Rwanda, Keith (age 8) has his eyes opened to the stories of entrepreneurs. This started a family journey to identify and celebrate the simple power of entrepreneurship all around us.

Our hope is that this book might help unlock our imagination of the possibility of creating and growing along with practical steps to unleash your young entrepreneur.

“Watching Seeds Grow is the best kind of parable: a true story, narrated by father and son, about the power of entrepreneurship. Chock-full of leadership lessons, parenting tips, and highly practical appendices, Watching Seeds Grow will serve young and old entrepreneurs alike, with refreshing insights about perseverance, creativity, and innovation that is essential to a flourishing society.”

- Josh Good, Manager of External Relations, American Enterprise Institute

“Watching Seeds Grow has been written in story form to teach us the simplicity of being an entrepreneur. Peter and his son Keith have illustrated a beautiful picture of the satisfaction of becoming a “contributor” to society rather than simply being a “consumer.” The power of teaching our children at a young age sets the stage for them for a lifetime.”

- Anne Beiler, Founder of Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels

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