Created to Flourish

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About Created to Flourish

A call to carry Christ’s love and mercy to families in poverty around the world

This eminently practical book by two leading experts on poverty alleviation offers a clear plan to help ordinary Christ-followers translate their compassion into thoughtful action.

Authors Peter Greer and Phil Smith draw on their personal experiences to discuss proven solutions for effectively alleviating poverty. Created to Flourish examines the pitfalls of traditional approaches and outlines a new model of economic development aimed at breaking the cycle of dependency.

Through discipleship-based savings groups and small loans, families in poverty are employing their God-given talents to provide for their families and serve their communities. With photographs showcasing the dignity of clients from around the HOPE International network, this book provides straightforward guidance for individuals and groups eager to carry God’s justice, mercy, and compassion throughout our world.

(Incredibly Generous) Endorsements

“This book is a timely and prophetic word, combining solid theology, best practices, and deeply moving stories from the front lines.” —Brian Fikkert, Founder and President, The Chalmers Center

“Created to Flourish is a light to the path of social entrepreneurs, students, and philanthropists showing how to help the poor physically while proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.” —Chris Crane, Founder and CEO, Edify

“Created to Flourish is an honest, insightful, and practical resource forged from the vast experience of the authors who deeply care about seeing people lifted from poverty.” —Chuck Bentley, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries

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