Episode 2: Donors

Featuring Todd Peterson and Mart Green

Todd Peterson and Mart Green have a shared passion to make the Word of God available to everyone—including the thousands of unreached people groups across the globe. Hear how Bible translation organizations are putting collaboration into action, and by doing so, plan to reach their translation goals 117 years ahead of schedule! Be encouraged by testimonies of collaborative ministry as you discover the power in joining forces, aligning visions, and showing extravagant generosity.

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Show Notes

0:22 Rooting for Rivals; newest book by Peter Greer and Chris Horst with Jill Heisey

1:10 Seed Company; a leading bible translation organization where Todd Peterson has served as both President & CEO and Chairman Emeritus

3:36 IllumiNations; a community of donors and bible translators that together have raised over $90 million over the course of four donor weekends

4:12 Alec Millan, a friend of Todd’s from the University of Georgia who exposed Todd to bible poverty

15:03 Magazine Feature; Todd Peterson on Christianity Today

33:24 Wycliffe, American Bible Society, Biblica, Lutheran Bible Translators, and The Word for the World; partners in IllumiNations working to eradicate bible poverty

33:55 YouVersion; one of several organizations working to create digital versions of translated biblical text


About Todd Peterson

Todd Peterson graduated from University of Georgia with a BBA in Banking and Finance in 1993. Upon graduating, Todd went on to play in the NFL for 13 years. After his NFL career, Todd served as the board chairman of Seed Company, the world leader in accelerated Bible translation, from 2008-2013.  He also served as interim President and CEO before becoming chairman emeritus of the organization. Todd, along with several other families and organizations, started the illumiNations initiative to bring together various Bible translation agencies, so that every person could have God’s Word in their heart language. Todd serves on the boards of The Gathering, Passion City Church, Young Life Foundation, and Rose Rock. He and his wife, Susan, make their home in North Atlanta and have two children.

About Mart Green

Mart Green is the Ministry Investment Officer for Hobby Lobby and is the founder of Mardel Christian and Education Supply stores. His retail career began with his parents, who founded Hobby Lobby in their home in 1972. Today, Hobby Lobby has over 800 stores in 47 states.  Since 2010, Mart has been a leading champion of illumiNations, a collective impact alliance working to eradicate Bible poverty by 2033.  Mart and his wife, Diana, live in Oklahoma and attend North Church. They have four children, three children-in-law, and seven grandchildren.

About Blake Mankin

Blake Mankin serves as a regional representative for HOPE International in Houston, TX. Blake hosts the Values-Driven Productivity Podcast, where he shares about disciplines, habits, tools, and practices that increase productivity on the things that matter most. Blake and his wife, Meagan, have two sons and attend Hope Church.

About the Rooting for Rivals Podcast

In a world marked by division and territorialism, how can we leave a lasting impact? What happens when we're no longer threatened by the success of our rivals? In this six-episode podcast, hear from leaders and philanthropists putting collaboration into practice and learn how we can multiply our impact through cooperation.

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