The Giver and the Gift

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About The Giver and the Gift

For many people, “fundraising” has become a dirty word. Conjuring images of guilt-inducing gimmickry, the predominant model saps the joy from both the donor and the receiver.

Through a friendship with David Weekley, chairman of David Weekley Homes and one of America’s most influential philanthropists, I began to question my underlying assumptions about philanthropy and fundraising. What if giving, at its core, is spiritual? What if fundraising has the potential to be good for the giver, not just the receiver? What if fundraising is about love and service, not just “What’s in it for me?” And what if everything I thought I’d known about fundraising was wrong?

Co-written with David and based upon our own relationship and experiences, The Giver and the Gift outlines a Kingdom perspective on fundraising. It’s time to dismantle certain shaky beliefs and practices, energizing a new generation for generosity and rediscovering a path that values the giver as much as the gift.

(Incredibly Generous) Endorsements

“Peter Greer and David Weekley invite us into a new and transformative perspective on fundraising. With insight and practical application, they challenge each of to build collaborative and Spirit-led financial partnerships. This book will be a refreshing read for anyone who desires to give or receive funds that advance God’s kingdom in the world.” —Gary A. Haugen, President & CEO of International Justice Mission, author of The Locust Effect

“Ever wish someone would chop a few decades off your learning curve of what it takes to effectively activate partners with your ministry? Peter and David just did it. The Giver and the Gift completely shifted every paradigm I had about the bore of fundraising, introducing me to the joy of inviting people to financial partnership.” —Justin Rule, founder & executive director of Heads Up

“I have known David and Peter for many years and they truly walk the walk regarding Kingdom partnership and engaged philanthropy. With great enthusiasm, I recommend this book for its authenticity and practical application.” —Terry Looper, founder & CEO of Texon

“There are few people I respect more than David Weekley. He has built a nationally recognized homebuilding company which is also one of America’s best places to work. But what makes David unique is not just his business success, but his heart to use all he’s been given to build the Kingdom of God. In The Giver and the Gift, David and Peter concisely share what they’ve learned about partnership, relationship, philanthropy and fundraising in a way that will impact many. Compelling and helpful, this book is certain to inspire greater generosity.” —Jeff Rutt, founder and CEO of Keystone Custom Homes and founder of HOPE International

“David Weekly has long been one of my mentors when it comes to generosity. He is a thoughtful and relentless steward of God’s resources and his advice alone is invaluable. However, what makes The Giver and the Gift unique is the relationship that David and Peter have developed. They have addressed the donor/fundraiser relationship in an unusual and insightful way.” —Greg Brenneman, CEO of CCPM Capital and former chairman of Burger King and Continental Airlines

“Peter and David’s relationship honors the idea that each giver should decide in his or her own heart what to give.” —Brad Formsma, creator of and author of I Like Giving

“At the heart of The Giver and the Gift is a simple message: generosity is relational. It is relational between us and the ultimate Giver. It is relational, when done well, between those who are seeking resources and those who are giving resources. Whether you are a donor or one who is raising funds, you will learn a great deal from the differing perspectives that Peter and David bring to this topic. This book will help advance the generosity movement and help you rediscover the joy of generosity.” —David Wills, president of the National Christian Foundation and coauthor of Investing in God’s Business and Family Money

“It is rare for non-profit leaders and key donors to write a book together. Peter Greer and David Weekley have written a significant book that lays out the key principles guiding the giver and the gift. Their personal and writing partnership is a rich model for Kingdom ministries, for as they lucidly demonstrate, fundraising and giving are primarily about partnership.” —Dennis Hollinger, president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Coleman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics

“How do leaders of non-profit organizations who want to change the world partner with donors and investors with the same vision? How does fundraising become a Kingdom partnership, instead of just the transfer of funds? In 20 short chapters, Peter Greer and David Weekley give principles and examples of how both of these things can be done well. As a person who has spent years in the middle of these partnerships, I found the book fresh, clear, and extremely helpful.” —Denny Rydberg, president of Young Life

“David Weekley’s generous spirit and profound understanding of God’s call on his life shine through his contribution to this book. As he writes, ‘There is nothing that brings more joy than using my God-given skills and resources to further Kingdom-building endeavours.’ I believe that David and Peter’s book will inspire all of us to greater generosity.” —Nicky Gumbel, priest and developer of the Alpha course

“This practical and inspirational book is a must-read for ministry leaders, non-profit CEOs, faith-based college presidents, development officers, and donors! Written with provocative insight and refreshing candor, Peter Greer and David Weekley challenge believers to incarnate Kingdom generosity by being engaged in transformational giving. As the authors proclaim, when we learn to give in community, our efforts have a greater impact on our work, our organizations, and ourselves.” —Kim S. Phipps, president of Messiah College

“In my own interactions with Peter and David, I have personally experienced the relational dynamics they describe in The Giver and the Gift. With clarity and simplicity, this book walks us through the God’s plan for each of us to participate in the furthering of His Kingdom through giving and serving generously. The principles laid out in these pages provide great insight for each of us, as we live out our faith with new purpose and vision for all that God has given us.” —Dave Valle, founder of Esperanza International

“The desire to take part in Kingdom work lies in the heart of every believer, but at times, we need fresh insight to guide us in our endeavors. Peter and David offer just that in their book, The Giver and the Gift. They reveal both the challenge and the mandate we have to embrace our role in a world filled with great need, living with our eyes wide open, truly seeing those around us, and listening carefully to the voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s a compelling book, with truth that will renew your mind and your heart.—Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels

“The American dream, the world, and if I’m honest my own selfish heart, tells me it’s a lie. But, what if it’s really true that “It’s more blessed to give than to receive?” Is it possible that giving can actually make the giver, the delivering organization, and the recipient’s lives all better? YES! Peter and David’s powerful stories and keen insight shine light on the partnership God intends between the gift and the giver. This book is a gift itself!” —Lance Wood, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Brennan Manning said, ‘There is a beautiful transparency to honest disciples who never wear a false face and do not pretend to be anything but who they are.’ In my opinion, the most impactful aspect of The Giver and the Gift is Peter and David’s willingness to be authentic in passing along their misperceptions and missteps in development, while sharing what they have learned as a result. The truth in this book is enlightening, and I sincerely believe it needs to be read by all nonprofit leaders, development staff, and donors.” —Greg Murtha, Chief Relationship Officer of iDonate

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