Episode 5: Churches

Featuring Bryan Dunagan

Amidst a strong distrust of churches on the rise, Jesus calls us to cling tightly to unity. In this episode, Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas, takes us on his own personal journey of rejecting competition and choosing to have faith in God’s generous provision. Listen in as Bryan shares how he pursues collaboration with churches, leaders, and nonprofits to address the needs of congregants living in a city full of different churches.

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Show Notes

0:22 Rooting for Rivals; newest book by Peter Greer and Chris Horst with Jill Heisey

0:45 Highland Park Presbyterian Church; the church where Bryan serves as Senior Pastor in Dallas, TX

2:45 Peachtree Presbyterian Church; the church where Bryan formerly served as teaching pastor in Atlanta, GA

2:50 Advocates for Community Transformation; an organization that leverages the justice system to help empower inner city residents to fight crime

16:12 Father Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household

21:07 Dallas Willard, American philosopher known for his writings on spiritual formation

23:46 Watermark church; a non-denominational, evangelical church in Dallas, TX

About Bryan Dunagan

Bryan Dunagan is the pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church and is passionate about helping people of every generation find and follow Jesus for the flourishing of Dallas. Bryan grew up in Texas and attended Stanford University, where he played lacrosse and discovered his love for the outdoors. He holds graduate degrees from Regent College in Vancouver and Fuller Seminary in Southern California. Prior to his role at Highland Park, Bryan was the teaching pastor of Atlanta’s Peachtree Church. Bryan serves on the advisory boards of Fuller Seminary Texas and Advocates for Community Transformation. In his spare time, he can be found running a double-wide jogger with his twins Ann and Wheeler, or cycling with his wife Ali (with baby Collier Jane in tow).

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About Blake Mankin

Blake Mankin serves as a regional representative for HOPE International in Houston, TX. Blake hosts the Values-Driven Productivity Podcast, where he shares about disciplines, habits, tools, and practices that increase productivity on the things that matter most. Blake and his wife, Meagan, have two sons and attend Hope Church.

About the Rooting for Rivals Podcast

In a world marked by division and territorialism, how can we leave a lasting impact? What happens when we're no longer threatened by the success of our rivals? In this six-episode podcast, hear from leaders and philanthropists putting collaboration into practice and learn how we can multiply our impact through cooperation.

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