Episode 3: Campus Ministries

Featuring Tom Lin

InterVarsity and Cru recently announced that they will be partnering together with the goal of reaching over 1,200 college campuses with the gospel message. In this episode, hear Tom Lin, President and CEO of InterVarsity, share about this project in the context of his own personal journey from isolation to collaboration. Hear how God used life and ministry experiences to open Tom’s eyes to a much bigger, Kingdom mission at hand—one that would compel him to work alongside fellow ministry leaders and former ‘rivals’ to see it through.

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Show Notes

0:22 Rooting for Rivals; newest book by Peter Greer and Chris Horst with Jill Heisey

2:52 InterVarsity; a campus ministry organization where Tom Lin serves as President and CEO

2:58 Urbana Student Missions conference; a gathering of thousands of students for the sake of global missions

3:17 International Fellowship of Evangelical Students; an association of Christian student movements designed to empower students for mission, evangelism, and discipleship

14:20 Every Campus initiative; a movement led by campus ministries partnering to reach hundreds of unreached college campuses and students

17:50 Cru; a campus ministry partnering with InterVarsity through the Every Campus initiative

28:30 Youth for Christ; a rival campus ministry organization whose President was invited to speak in front of InterVarsity leadership

29:02 Baptist Campus Ministries;  a ministry of the West Virginia Baptist convention committed to serving college students on eight campuses across the state

29:32 Wycliffe Bible Translators; a Bible translation organization with a vision to see Bible translation in progress for every language by 2025

About Tom Lin

Tom Lin is President and CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Prior to becoming president, he was Vice President of Missions and Director of InterVarsity’s Urbana Student Missions Conference. Tom is a serial entrepreneur and ministry planter – he began his InterVarsity career by planting new student chapters at Harvard University and Boston University. Then from 2002 to 2006, Tom moved to Mongolia, helping to plant a Christian student movement and serving as the country director for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Mongolia. In 2006, he became Regional Director for InterVarsity’s Central Region, planting new student ministries across Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Tom is also an author and speaker, and currently serves on the boards of Fuller Seminary, Crowell Trust, and the Lausanne Movement. Tom lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Nancy and their two daughters.

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About Blake Mankin

Blake Mankin serves as a regional representative for HOPE International in Houston, TX. Blake hosts the Values-Driven Productivity Podcast, where he shares about disciplines, habits, tools, and practices that increase productivity on the things that matter most. Blake and his wife, Meagan, have two sons and attend Hope Church.

About the Rooting for Rivals Podcast

In a world marked by division and territorialism, how can we leave a lasting impact? What happens when we're no longer threatened by the success of our rivals? In this six-episode podcast, hear from leaders and philanthropists putting collaboration into practice and learn how we can multiply our impact through cooperation.

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