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In a world marked by division and territorialism, how can we leave a lasting impact? What happens when we're no longer threatened by the success of our rivals? In this six-episode podcast, hear from leaders and philanthropists putting collaboration into practice and learn how we can multiply our impact through cooperation.

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Episode 1: The Why and How (Peter Greer, Chris Horst, and Jill Heisey)

Rivalry in Christ-centered nonprofits and churches is all too common. Instead of seeing each other as co-laborers in Christ, fellow leaders and ministries often see each other as rivals—fierce competitors in a seemingly small marketplace for donors and resources. In their newest book, Rooting for Rivals, Peter Greer, Chris Horst, and Jill Heisey address this norm by encouraging Christ followers to lead and serve with open hands instead of clenched fists. In this episode, hear the heart behind the book and how you can help to advance the Kingdom of God through cooperation rather than competition. Listen here.

Episode 2: Donors (Todd Peterson and Mart Green)

Todd Peterson and Mart Green have a shared passion to make the Word of God accessible to everyone—including the thousands of unreached people groups across the globe. Hear how Bible translation organizations are putting collaboration into action, and plan to reach their translation goals 117 years ahead of schedule! Be encouraged by testimonies of partnership in ministry as you discover the power in joining forces, aligning visions, and showing extravagant generosity. Listen here.

Episode 3: Campus Ministries (Tom Lin)

InterVarsity and Cru recently announced that they will be partnering together with the goal of reaching over 1,200 college campuses with the gospel message. In this episode, hear Tom Lin, President and CEO of InterVarsity, share about this project in the context of his own personal journey from isolation to collaboration. Hear how God used life and ministry experiences to open Tom’s eyes to a much bigger, Kingdom mission at hand—one that would compel him to work alongside fellow ministry leaders and former ‘rivals’ to see it through. Listen here.

Episode 4: Fundraisers (Melissa Russell)

Many times, fundraising can carry a negative connotation—evoking feelings of guilt and compulsion. But Melissa Russell doesn’t believe it has to be this way. Serving as the Chief Advancement Officer at International Justice Mission, Melissa shares how she and her colleagues seek to lead and serve from a posture of abundance instead of scarcity. Offering a refreshing glimpse into the peace and joy of Kingdom-minded fundraising, Melissa invites us to reframe our perspective and trust in God’s rich generosity. Listen here.

Episode 5: Churches (Bryan Dunagan)

Amidst a strong distrust of churches on the rise, Jesus calls us to cling tightly to unity. In this episode, Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas, takes us on his own personal journey of rejecting competition and choosing to have faith in God’s generous provision. Listen in as Bryan shares how he pursues collaboration with churches, leaders, and nonprofits to address the needs of congregants living in a city full of different churches. Listen here.

Episode 6: Global Ministries (Alex Nunez)

Nearly half of the individuals living in the Dominican Republic live below the poverty line… and Alex Nuñez, the CEO of Esperanza International, is on a mission to change that. Listen in as Alex shares from her own experience about how partnership and a Kingdom-first outlook have maximized Esperanza’s impact and brought holistic transformation to entire families and communities in the Dominican Republic. Listen here.

About Blake Mankin

Blake Mankin serves as a regional representative for HOPE International in Houston, TX. Blake hosts the Values-Driven Productivity Podcast, where he shares about disciplines, habits, tools, and practices that increase productivity on the things that matter most. Blake and his wife, Meagan, have two sons and attend Hope Church.

About Rooting for Rivals

Rooting for Rivals reveals how leaders, charities, and churches can multiply their impact by cooperating rather than competing with others. Peter Greer, Chris Horst, and Jill Heisey explore case studies that illustrate the power of collaboration as they share how to lead and serve from an attitude of abundance. Learn more here.

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